We’re a Team of Digital Health Experts, Passionate about Expanding Access to Effective Security & Quality Assurance Solutions

Our mission is to empower healthcare organizations with cutting-edge security and quality assurance solutions, ensuring the integrity and accessibility of their digital health technologies.

Our guiding principles

  • Information security and quality assurance are business issues.
  • A business exists to make money.

  • Information security and quality assurance should not be cost prohibitive.
  • Information security and quality products should drive business.
  • People are your biggest risk.

  • “Compliant” and “Secure” are very different.
  • Information security and quality assurance are not “one size fits all.”

  • There is no “easy button” to become “secure” or “compliant”.

Our Leadership

Jim Tafur

Co-Founder / CEO

Jim has over a decade of experience leading successful digital health engineering teams in the development, deployment and maintenance of cutting-edge innovations into the U.S. Healthcare system.  Jim has an intimate understanding of the needs of the healthcare industry stakeholders including patients, providers, payers, information security teams and regulators.  Jim’s passion for helping digital health organizations deliver innovation with quality and security is rooted in his desire to use the advancements of today’s technologies to personalize user experience, improve healthcare equity, expand access to care, increase communication and ultimately improve patient outcomes and safety.

Chris Foster

Co-Founder / President

With a decade of experience spanning diverse IT roles, Chris has contributed his expertise to esteemed organizations, including the U.S. military, prominent digital health startups, and leading academic medical centers.  Possessing a passion for bringing innovative digital health technologies to market, Chris has demonstrated a successful track record in integrating numerous large-scale technology solutions within hospital systems and beyond. His profound knowledge and hands-on experience extend to providing secure, stable, and scalable technology strategies meticulously tailored for healthcare entities.

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